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What does fuel injector reconditioning involve?

October 28, 2020 2:14 pm


If you’ve heard about the reconditioning of fuel injectors but are unsure what this really means, here is a guide that will hopefully explain the process:

Every injector is tested thoroughly, both before and after being cleaned using with an ultrasonic cleaning machine. The electronics inside the injector are then tested again.

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The injector will be taken apart, removing such parts as the pintle caps, orings and filters. The main body is then cleaned with any paint residue fully removed. The injectors are tested for ohms measurements to make sure that the coil is working at the right resistance. For more information on Injector reconditioning Northern Ireland, visit a site like ODS Automotive

An ultrasonic clean then takes place, in which the injector is pulsed, as well as backflushed. The injector will then have its spray tested to check that it is atomising fuel in the way it should be. The fuel flow volume is measured through each injector and to pass this test, the flow rate should be within 2% of the recommended flow rate.

They are then subject to a leak test to ensure the pintle is fitted correctly and there is no seepage of fuel from the top.

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On passing all of the above steps, each injector is externally cleaned and repainted. After painting, they are cured overnight. New fittings are used once cured, including pintle caps, orings and filters. The injectors are then packed up and ready to sell.

For any unit that fails, a retest of the above steps is carried out and if they fail again, they are discarded.

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