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A few things about the town of Evesham

November 2, 2020 4:44 pm


Evesham is a delightful English Market town that is well known for the produce surrounding it. You can’t move far without coming across a Market gardener or two. It owes its existence to the eight century abbey that was built there, no longer in existence following dissolution by King Henry VII. However, it still has the Bell Tower of Abbot Lichfield. It lies in a picturesque meander of the River Avon. Sadly this is also an enemy as well as a friend as the town is liable to flooding following heavy sustained bouts of rain.

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One thing you will notice when you visit is the outstanding qualities of the town’s windows. This is because they have Double Glazing Evesham based company Firmfix on hand to look after the needs of the local community. The residents in the thirteen century would have been glad of some double glazing as it would have kept out the sounds of the Battle of Evesham fought during the Second Barons War. As long as they were on the side of Prince Edward, who won and became Edward the First then they should have been alright.


One of the few remaining buildings, along with the Bell Tower is the Almonry. Not a place where they went to get almonds but actually a place for the poor to get some much needed monetary relief from the Monks in the form of Alms. It’s now a museum. This shows how important the Abbey was to the town and it’s a testament to it’s people that it has survived up to this day.

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