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Three important considerations when choosing a polo shirt

January 6, 2022 5:12 am


Polo shirts are hugely popular thanks to their versatility and the choices they offer to all sorts of different men (and women). They were pushed into the spotlight in 1933 by an attempt to get around outdated regulations on tennis courts, but today their popularity goes far beyond sporting arenas. Polo shirts are now undeniably a men’s classic with versions suitable for quite literally anyone. There are some things to consider when choosing a polo shirt however, as you’re about to find out.

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Size and fit

Size and fit are important considerations with a polo, whether it is a cheap and cheerful one from the sales or a long-term wardrobe investment from the latest mens Ralph Lauren polo shirts collection. You can browse the range at the likes of #EJ Menswear and decide whether you want to go for a slim fit or a regular cut version and whether long or short sleeves are the best choice for you.

If you decide on traditional short sleeves, for the most flattering cut look for a size that has these ending at the mid-point of your bicep. You may also need to choose between ribbed or rolled cuffs. Ribbed versions are more fitted, hugging the wrist or bicep, and offer a more formal look that is better suited for dressier occasions.

Style and material

Polo shirts typically have two or three buttons down the front. Choose how many you prefer but always fasten at least one!

The traditional material is 100% cotton but there are now many more options so you may need to decide which material you want your polo shirt to be made from. The choices now include many polyester blends which are great for frequent washing thanks to their shrink and fade resistant properties. Easy-care polo shirts are big sellers, offering everything from non-iron ease to better stain-resistance. There are also wick-away fabrics to keep perspiration at bay.

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More recently, sustainable fabrics have become big news and an increasing consideration for many buyers (read the discussion on the BBC website.


By choosing the colour of your polo shirt you can make a personal style statement or ensure you are tailored ready for different kinds of occasion. For example, darker coloured shirts are more suitable for semi-formal situations when they can be teamed with anything from slacks to a casual suit or blazer.

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