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The consequences of clogged drains

April 30, 2020 3:32 pm


Bad weather can cause blockages in the drainage system which can lead to a number of long-term effects if they are not handled.

1 – Leaks

Due to the high pressure, cracking and leaks may occur along the internal and external pipes. This can lead to significant moisture and mould build-up that can cause structural damage to all types of properties. Older buildings are more vulnerable.

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2 – Waste Resurgence

Ineffective disposal systems can result in waste that is not effectively removed, causing the accumulation of debris that will stop the flow of sewage and waste water. This leads to waste being left to fester in your pipes and could result in resurgence back into the home. Horrible smells and risk to health are just some of the consequences. For help from Blocked Drains Kent, visit a site like 3 Flow Drainage, leaders in Blocked Drains Kent.

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3 – Damage to the structure

The above scenarios can lead to property damage and expensive repairs bills if left. Resident and occupant safety can also be compromised because of this damage.

Standing water that has accumulated over time will emit an unpleasant smell. This odour can permeate the home, making an unhealthy environment.

Furthermore, water could leak into the property foundations, weakening the structure. Moisture may appear on the floors or walls, causing water stains, or worse, warping. When left without attention, the area could be prone to flooding. In addition, the stagnant water can attract bacteria and disease-carrying pests. These areas are also more susceptible to mould and mildew.

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