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How to Boost your Mental Health this Autumn

October 13, 2020 2:54 pm


For many of us, we have struggled with mental health difficulties this year as the global news of constant doom and gloom adds to the air of general depression. As autumn rolls around, it is great to have things to look forward to and enjoy to combat those negative feelings – make yourself feel good with a new winter wardrobe and some new mens designer shirts, and head out to enjoy the countryside to gain that tranquil sense of calm, and boost your mood.

Here are some of the best places you can enjoy a walk and a boost to your mental health…

Friston Forest in East Sussex is a riot of colour in the autumn. Trudge through the quiet and tranquil woodland – the perfect place to ground yourself and feel that warm sense of calm come rushing back to you.

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The Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire is an ancient area of woodland that has been the inspiration for many magical tales, including Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Get lost in the fairy-tale land and let your imagination run riot as you wander through the trees here.

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Rivington Wood feel like the land that time forgot – with its abandoned structures being reclaimed by the forest it is a beautiful and enchanting place which inspires a sense of adventure and intrigue. Old crumbling archways overcome with leaves and vines are some of the things you will see as you walk around here.

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