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Why a clean floor is so important

July 27, 2020 4:47 pm


Do not let your floor become a neglected area of your business. First impressions count and if you regularly welcome customers or clients into your place, you will want to make sure everything is spick and span to make a good impression. There are also reasons of security for ensuring your floor stays clean.

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The majority of workplace accidents are the result of slipping on a floor that has been contaminated by a spillage or water left undealt with. Applying the right cleaning techniques and products should effectively remove, and significantly lower slipping dangers. Choosing the wrong products and methods can be just as bad as it can make matters worse, causing floor surfaces to get more slippery. A perfect way to solve these important issues is hire a professional cleaning outfit to complete the cleaning for you. Get more information on Office cleaners City Of London, go to a site like https://classiccleaningservices.com/commercial-cleaning-services/office-cleaning/office-cleaning-london/office-cleaners-city-of-london/

Always aim to keep staff and visitors off a wet floor by:

Cleaning during off hours

Installing physical barriers to prevent access

Cleaning the area in sections, leaving a dry path through

Placing a caution sign on wet area

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When deciding on a cleaning regime, it is important to:

Identify the type of flooring you have as different materials often need to be cleaned in different ways

Choose an effective cleaning method for the floor. Advice can be sought from the equipment manufacturer or the cleaning product supplier.

Choose a time to clean up, such as out of office hours, for example.

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