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Principles to consider in interior design

May 26, 2020 5:03 pm


When it comes to interior design it can be easy to get carried away with bright bold colors or miles and miles of fabric swatches but there are some important principles that you need to remember when consulting on interior design for your clients.

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Although a show home vibe might look great on paper it is not practical for everyday living. It is important that you really understand your client and their needs. For example a young family in a three bed property will have very different needs to a retired couple living in Gloucester Park Homes.

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Vision sharing

As well as talking through your vision for your clients rooms it is important that you draw this up for them to see in a visual way. Interior design software allows for this to happen relatively easily once you have entered the dimensions of the room and then started to place your items in. This way your client and visualise what it is going to look like and amendments can be made easily.


It is important that you source materials that are going to be robust and last whilst staying within your clients budget. Again this will differ depending on the type of client that you are working with and whether they are having a while house designed or just one room.

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