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What are the benefits of a septic tank?

August 21, 2020 6:19 am


Sewers or septic tanks are not usually the top choice for people to have in their homes, it is only really with a new build or if you move into a property with a septic tank already in place that it is feasible that you will face a choice. Although it is not common to have a choice between the two, it is important to understand what the benefits are of using septic tanks, just in case you are faced with the decision.

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Is It Safe for the Environment?

If you look at the effects on the natural surroundings of both the sewage system and septic tanks, it becomes an issue of which presents greatest risk. With a sewer, waste will run throughout the system, so that a larger area has more points for leaks to occur, so there must be a greater risk of damage to the surrounding environment with the sewage system. However, a septic tank has much less risk of leakage.

Lack of need for major infrastructure and energy costs mean that for small or rural communities the use of septic tanks is much more efficient in terms of space and energy efficiency. Find out about Septic Tank Emptying Bromsgrove at a site like https://bsaenvironmental.co.uk/sewage-treatment/septic-tanks-soakaways/septic-tank-bromsgrove/

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A major benefit of septic tanks is that they are incredibly durable. You should get somewhere in the region of twenty to forty years of use from a septic tank.

You Have Control

With a septic tank, you are not part of a larger system, so there is no dependency on a company to fix the problem you’re having, you can arrange for it to be repaired as soon as convenient.


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