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How to use timber cladding on a modern building

August 25, 2020 2:39 pm


If your passion or mission or just an idea at this stage is to have a contemporary build with modern character that combines style and sustainability, with green credentials, then perhaps you should consider timber cladding as an option. When installed and treated correctly, wood is low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

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Wood – past and present

Timber has been used throughout history in the construction of buildings and today, is as popular choice as ever from complete green oak frames to external façade cladding. The options for the latter are many and varied, from reclaimed timber, charred boards, smooth panels and with many wood species being available for consideration, you are spoilt for choice. Cedar, larch and pine have long been used but there are many alternatives such as oak feather edge cladding, which have a role to play in the modern build.

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There are many cladding profiles available which can be used in a variety of ways – vertical, horizontal, individual panels, combining different sizes and species of wood. Profiled, tongue and groove and feather edge boards allows for creative and innovative designs. Wood is not only durable but has great flexibility and is a favoured material of architects for this very reason. Let your imagination run wild.

Wood – the future

Whether you are considering the use of timber cladding in an urban or rural situation, creating a traditional, rustic but natural façade can easily be achieved using oak feather edge cladding, providing an eye-catching and durable finish to your building. Timber cladding lends itself to being creative with shapes, patterns and designs, something that is much more difficult to achieve in other materials.

Integration with other building materials is also a popular route, ensuring individuality and character to your build. Brick, stone, concrete, glass, rock and other timbers all sit alongside timber cladding with ease. A striking modern twist on a traditional material can be achieved by combining glass walls with oak feather edge cladding.

If you are looking for your build to sit comfortably within its surroundings, then you could consider painting or staining the cladding; this will not only contribute to the longevity but enhance the natural appearance.

Cladding can also be used to define areas within an open plan build; with the diversity of timber, a stylish feature wall can easily be created with timber cladding.

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