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Getting a good garage door.

December 3, 2020 1:09 pm


A quality garage door improves your home’s appearance and keeps it safe from intruders. Most of us know this but know little about how our door operates or the various kinds of pros and cons. Are you even aware of who to call when something goes wrong with your garage door? This Garage door repair Harrow based company is a great start.

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Doors may be made of wood, steel, Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) or ABS and finished with powder or plastisol coatings. They might be electrically powered or manual. They could be operated or controlled by Wi-Fi or infra-red with conventional switches and locks.

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Retracting doors

This is similar to the up-and-over type, but in an open position, the entire door slides inside the garage. Security is quite good as it is possible to use four latches, but they are not the safest ones. They require more space in front and the full height of the door in the garage ceiling during opening. For automatic opening, they are easy to update, but some adaptations impair the security offered by the latching system.

Canopy style doors

This form is up-and-over. The bottom swings outward when you open one as the top swings inward. Half the door is inside and half is outside in an open position. This is a common and reliable door with certain benefits, including being simple to fit and operate.

However, security is minimal and they lack draught proofing. Motorizing them can be hard. In addition, roughly two thirds of the height of the door must be kept accessible inside the garage.

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