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Five More Great Reasons to Work in Hospitality

October 7, 2019 2:07 pm



If you love being around people, want flexible working hours and a job that is never dull, working in hospitality could be right for you. Here are five more sound reasons why a career in hospitality is so exciting.

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So much more than 9-5

If you like routine – doing the same thing every day, catching the same train every morning – hospitality is not for you. A career in the hospitality industry involves a lot of variety in both the hours or shifts you work and the work you will be doing during these hours. You can choose to work day or night, depending on your personal preferences. This flexibility in shift patterns is ideal for working parents or those looking for a good work-life balance.

Clear career path

You will find a clear set of hospitality qualifications at colleges and universities that are accepted across the industry. With plenty of on-the-job training and courses once you have started your career in hospitality, the horizons just keep on widening.

No need to get stuck in a rut

With so many jobs on offer, there is enormous scope in the hospitality industry and you need never get stuck in one niche. You could move from receptionist to concierge or from kitchen assistant to pastry chef. You also don’t need to worry that you will get the boring tasks as a newbie, as so much of this is automated.

Perks of the job

Given that you are providing a great service to others, you can often get to sample these luxuries for yourself. You may receive staff discounts or rewards for your hard work. If you are working in hotels, you may get to rub shoulders with celebrities; if you are working your way up in catering, you will also get to sample some of the most delicious dishes conjured up in the kitchens.

Safe and secure future

People will always need food and drink or a place to sleep, whether for business travel or pleasure. Even when the economy is flagging, the hospitality industry remains relatively secure because people still need to travel for many reasons. This means you have more reasons to be optimistic about your future than colleagues in other industries.

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